Tamara Flumignan.

international hypnotist, enabling therapist, philosopher

Are you ready to let go of the hurt and rediscover the beauty that life can offer?
Are you ready to free yourself from the darkness that is holding you back and finally manifest your dreams?

If you are experiencing anxiety, fear or crippling depression that is stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself, you are in the right place.

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What I specialise in

You may believe that when anxiety takes over and you feel weak, stressed and…

Phobias go hand in hand with anxieties, one can be a symptom or a cause of the…

The best way I can describe depression is feeling like you’re at the bottom of…

Trauma can have many sources, physical, mental, sexual or from childbirth.


About Tamara

Friends and clients have been heard to call me the ‘enabler’ or ‘the one with the gift’! But I’m just like you, I was living through some very dark days until I found the therapies that allowed me to emerge from that place healthier and wiser.

Today I practise those therapies and several more, so that I can help you experience the ‘mind magic’ too–with the right support, straight talking and a bit of humour!

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