This is where you’ll find more information about the therapies I practice, the evidence behind them, and links to trusted places for you to research further should you wish to do so.

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Please note: no therapy is guaranteed to work, much so like any treatment you could be getting from your GP or hospital specialist. Your commitment, determination and desire to achieve your goals will be the catalyst that will give you a positive outcome.
In the words of Dr Joe Dispenza “You must be ready to cross the river”.

Healing and REIKI

Reiki is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The NHS has been using it for years for End of Life Care, it’s a shame they have yet to take up the practice for day to day ailments.

It works by balancing one’s energy field via the channelling of higher vibration Universal Energy.

Here below some links to research and meta analysis. It is definitely NOT placebo.



EFT & Energy Psychology

Emotional Freedom Techniques was created by Gary Craig after studying under Psychology Dr Roger Callahan, the creator TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

NHS research evidence database on EFT

A meta analysis of the available research on EFT

A nice factual story of the beginnings of EFT. Please note that there are different versions of this story on the internet.


Sharon Mustard’s website

A 2019 review of the available research in pain management during labour with the use of hypnosis


Does Hypnosis work? Well, you only need to ask this question on Google and you will be able to access over ten thousands articles of psychology based scientific research that says it does. It’s natural, it works, you can learn to do it at home easily (as all hypnosis is self hypnosis, a hypnotist will only facilitate the process, especially for a beginner), so why are you still sitting on the fence? Here below some useful links for you to delve into this further.

And please know, the swinging watch is not a requirement.

Some scientific research

NHS website

The college that teaches Hypno-CBT

Kinetic Shift

Kinetic Shift created by Karl Smith of the UK Hypnosis Academy https://ukhypnosisacademy.co.uk/

(2019) Being tested with the University of Hertfordshire in association with NHS & charitable organisation on a randomized controlled single blinded study with 80 veterans suffering from PTSD/suicidal tendencies, with great results so far at the time of writing this.
Research Project Kinetic Shift V EMDR [..] pilot study [..] Ethics code# IRAS ID 275542