Below you will find more information on the four areas that I specialise in.

However, there are many more conditions that I can help with. If you’re experiencing anything that I have not listed below, please book your free fifteen-minutes consultation and we can chat about it, this is completely informal and will allow me to understand your requirements and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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What I specialise in:


You may believe that when anxiety takes over and you feel weak, stressed and overwhelmed that this is something that happens automatically and that is out of your control.


However, anxiety is actually a response to a learned behaviour. It is a recorded programme that keeps running, and you are the programmer.


In children and teenagers this often shows up as stomach pains and general physical and mental run down.


Feeling anxious can be debilitating, but once we’ve released the cause through therapy and you have learned simple techniques to stop new anxieties forming, it’s very simple to completely eliminate negative behaviours and restore balance.

Phobias and fears

Phobias go hand in hand with anxieties – one can be a symptom or a cause of the other. But once you know what to do, phobias are very simple to resolve.


Take a common example such as a fear of spiders. There are so many things that could be causing an extreme dislike of this tiny arachnid – the hairy legs, those beady little eyes, the funny walk in any direction. When treating phobias I tend to use a very fast and dynamic modern technique that removes the emotional charge behind the fear in minutes. I have seen arachnophobia disappear in less than four minutes in the middle of a busy Expo! The immediate test with a real spider was unbelievably positive, the lady in question couldn’t understand how something that had stopped her from being able to clean around the house properly for such a long time was gone just like that.


Sometimes fear is a symptom of a deeper issue that we may not be consciously aware of – this is where my many years of experience come handy in the investigative work with your mind.


The best way I can describe depression is feeling like you’re at the bottom of a well, in the cold and damp, trying to climb out while someone or something is holding onto your feet and pulling you down again.


Is this how it feels for you too? There is a way out. I know this because I’m alive and well!


Depression is one of those problems where science comes up with a different solution depending on which decade we are in. So far I have seen different bits of research that claim that depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, an inflammation of the brain, an inflammation of the gut and an imbalanced microbiome, while some simply state that it’s a completely psychological issue. Some will tell you that it’s incurable, some that it can only be managed with drugs and others that you need years of talking therapies.

Having lived a large chunk of my life in an extremely negative state of mind, I can tell you that it is possible to improve your condition so much that life becomes amazing – and that it shouldn’t take anything like that long!


However, you must be prepared to look at your life holistically and do your homework. If you truly want to get better I can help you take baby steps towards changing your self-destructive pattern into a self-loving one – changing your thoughts will allow your mind to change your behaviour, which in turn will restore balance to your hormones and microbiome.

Your health will improve, your mood will improve and you will notice that every day is just a tiny bit better than the last, until you reach a point where you realise you haven’t had a depressing thought in weeks.


Are you experiencing depression after giving birth or have you been diagnosed with post-natal depression? This holds a special interest for me as I gave birth to a beautiful boy in 2017. Book your free appointment now to discuss your symptoms.

Trauma, abuse and PTSD

Trauma can have many sources – physical, mental, sexual or even from childbirth.


Post trauma, the brain creates a series of coping mechanisms that are meant to keep you safe. However, these mechanisms often manifest in various negative symptoms and behaviours that often fuel a vicious cycle.


These may include anxieties, fears and depression as well as factors such as a lack of trust in relationships, addictions and anger management issues.


You may feel fearful of people and disconnected or just not want to speak to anyone. You may be a very placid person who flips when someone says something specific – imagine a veteran on bonfire night, hearing the fireworks and recalling the sounds of actual war and retreating into an immediate fear that could last for weeks.


There is a way out and you don’t have to suffer a minute longer! Head straight below and book your free consultation.

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Disclaimer As with any treatment you may be receiving from your GP or a hospital specialist, no therapy is guaranteed to work. Your commitment, determination and desire to achieve your goals will be the catalysts for your positive outcome. In the words of Dr Joe Dispenza “You must be ready to cross the river”.